We need a new fence on the farm

Farm Fencing Project Proposal


Uganda Kids, an Australian based registered charity, owns and operates an 11-acre farm at Kiziba 15 kilometres south of Masaka in Southern Uganda. The farm was initially used to grow food for kids at two supported schools in Masaka. This was a labour-intensive approach and inquiries revealed that a significant return on investment could be achieved by converting the farm to a coffee plantation. This has been completed with the assistance of generous donors. The plants are growing well and there has been a small initial harvest this month. In Uganda there are two harvests per year. The yield will increase substantially in the next year. The coffee being grown is a clonal Robusta which is less prone to disease and pests.


The farm boundary of approximately 830 metres was fully fenced several years ago using locally sourced timber posts and barbed wire. Termites have been a major issue and much of the fence is in poor repair. Posts that have been replaced have also been attacked.
Some neighbours have also taken to tying livestock to some of the damaged posts which have uprooted them and allowed the livestock onto the farm to graze.


We have made enquiries in Uganda and it seems that the only viable solution is to use locally manufactured concrete posts. These are not affected by termites and are long lasting. 5 strands of 16-gauge high tensile galvanised barbed wire will be attached which will provide reasonable security to the farm. We did consider steel pickets, but the cost is prohibitive as they are not manufactured locally.


Getting quotes for work in Uganda can be interesting. There is some interest in this opportunity as it is considered to be a significant project there. I have received some indication of what costs might be if we use local fencing contractors that were suggested to me by some contacts I have. These quotes seemed high. I have located a provider myself and commenced discussions with him. He is an experienced qualified civil engineer with concrete post construction and fence building experience. His company manufactures the posts and other concrete products. He has provided proof of some of the projects he has completed. This makes it possible to have the job completed by one company with a good track record. He has provided a quote of approximately $8,700 to complete the project within one month of commencement. Workers will be accommodated at the farm.
The original fencing will need to be removed as and when required to allow construction of the new fence. This process has not been costed at this stage but will be financed directly by Uganda Kids. It is intended to employ some neighbours to assist in this. We have offered work to our neighbours in the past and see this as a way of maintaining good relationships.

This is a Google Earth shot of the farm showing the boundary to be fenced.

Here’s what the new fence will look like when finished by Joet, posing alongside a previous project.

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