Our family are members of the Petrie Catholic Community on the north side of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

We first visited Uganda in 2008 and then again in 2010. After returning in 2010 we decided to do something as a family to help poor children who could not afford an education. While some of our friends in Masaka, Uganda, are poor by western standards they have an incredible faith and love of life.  We return regularly to spend time with our friends and visit the kids.

They are hopeful and cheerful regardless of their circumstances. Some of them are nurses, teachers, farmers, tradesmen, business people and unemployed. Some exist on $1 a day.

A donation of $5 per fortnight pays school fees,
provides lunch at school and a new uniform every year.

This is a public fundraising program and you have been made aware of the plight of these children in the hope that you might consider giving them a helping hand.

Uganda Kids is a registered charity (Public Benevolent Institution) with the ACNC and a Deductible Gift Recipient approved by the Australian Taxation Office.

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New kitchen at St Joseph’s School

The grand opening of the new kitchen at St Joseph’s in Masaka, built with the support of other generous people. Feeds 800 kids per day. Thanks to those who made it possible.

School Assembly

Singing the national anthem in Luganda and English languages to start the day.

We meet students at St Joseph’s School

What do you want to do after school?? two kids from year 7 at St Joseph’s Primary Masaka Uganda.

The new farm fence.

The fence is designed to keep out wild dogs and other trespassers.



Please Donate

Every now and then some generous people do special things and do not look for anything in return. A very generous lady in Brisbane has helped us realise a long held dream. We bought a farm and grew food for the kids at two schools we support in Masaka Uganda. A well was dug and we have plentiful clean fresh water. The farm has recently been converted to a coffee plantation and the proceeds from the sale of coffee will assist more vulnerable kids to go to school.  We have also commenced farming goats.

Uganda Kids Ltd. is a Deductible Gift Recipient