The Fence is Finished!

In just over 4 weeks we have raised the required funds and had the fence completely replaced at the Uganda Kids Farm in Kiziba Uganda.

Thanks to our generous supporters.

This is going to make a real difference to the security at the farm for our people, livestock and coffee plants.




The new fence has concrete posts that will not be affected by the termites and has 12 strands of high tensile galvanised barbed wire.  That will, we hope, stop most of the issues that we have encountered from wild dogs and other trespassers.

Thanks to the men from Concrete Technology Services Limited – Uganda for the professional job.  We are 100% happy with the outcome.  We highly recommend them for their efforts, quality of work and the ability to get the job done on time and on budget.

Thanks Paul, Malik, Henry, Alex and the team leader Joet!

To enable the farm goats to graze on the lush pasture that you can see on the farm we are going to fence off a couple of paddocks as goats are known to eat everything including the coffee plants.  At night they will be returned to the safety of the goat house which was constructed recently.  If you were thinking of supporting the initial project but missed out, here’s your opportunity.  Just go to the Donate page.  Tax deductible?  Sure is.


Here’s a link to some drone footage of the farm that was taken the day after the work was completed.